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Fan is a global network of fans designed to match and connect you in real life with other people who share your passions, like no other social media can do! Find the most likeminded people to you in your area in a simple way. Meet new people who support the same team, watch the same movies, listen to the same music, play the same games, and share the same hobbies.

Locate Fans

Connect with other fans with the same interests based on your location. Fan utilizes your proximity, allowing you to see where others are located in relation to you who you may want to connect and interact with, or allows you to search a specific location for people with similar interests. There are other fans out there just like you. Now you can meet them.

My Profile

Build your profile. Show the world where your loyalties lie. What is it that interests you? What are you passionate about? Show society who you are, allowing you to connect with other people the same as you.

Venue Finder

Search for venues anywhere in the world. Become a fan of your favourite venues. Create an event at venues and invite fans to socialise with and share your passions.


Check your notifications to keep up to date with your fan life. New fans in your area, invites to events, fan requests, everything you need to know to help you connect with other fans.


Whether a fellow fan is online or offline, users can interact through our in app messaging. Receive notification when your contacts message you. You can add other fans to the conversation at any time and have a group chat. Check your messages, and keep the lines of communication open at all times with Fan.